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“Hot Flashin’,” a new play written by and starring noted entertainer Gina Jourard - which she describes as “A Feel Better Musical Comedy” - and featuring the original music of renowned songwriter Tom Pergola, will make its world debut on Thursday, May 9 at The Odyssey Theater in West LA. The show will be performed four times during Mother’s Day weekend (May 9 – May 12th), and again another four times during the following weekend from May 16 – 19th. 

Written by Gina Jourard, with help from Ruth Bonnet, and featuring 13 original songs written by acclaimed musician/songwriter/composer Tom Pergola, “Hot Flashin’” is a “Feel Good Musical Comedy” that tells the story of a group of five women in their “middle to later years, who have seen it all!” These female characters have grown children and limited incomes, and are working through the challenges of life in the midst of rising living costs. Somehow they each have the ability to find humor in the stressful moments they confront by their unique life situations.

“Hot Flashin’” opens with five ladies dressed in extremely funny costumes – they are “Drama Mama,” “Mystery Mama,” “Earth Mama,” “Sassy Mama,” and “Survivor Mama.” Each woman gets a phone call from a Producer via his disembodied voice (think “Charlie” from “Charlie’s Angels” – a character the audience never sees), telling them they have been picked to star in a new reality television show. The premise of the TV show is to prove that “age is just a number,” and that regardless of how old you are or what you might look like, talent is still talent. The entire musical takes place within the producer’s rehearsal studio.


"The show offers plenty of physical comedy, funny repartee, and hysterical songs, with titles such as “Hot Flashes,” “Dump that Chump,” “My Feet Hurt” and “Boob Operation, among them", says the Hot Flashin' Musical's Director- Dan Berkowitz, "Hot Flashin' is a wonderful combination of outrageous comedy set against a back drop of real world situations." 

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