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The morning seemed drearily normal in every way until the call. She put down the disinfectant wipes and answered. The man on the phone sounded excited. “You are of one of the five women chosen from the auditions to be a HOT FLASHER, a group of older women who will be part of a live streaming reality show, singing and dancing to prove that age is only a number! We want you to come to the studio right now! Do not change a thing. We want you to look just the way you look right this minute!”


She and the other HOT FLASHERS headed to the studio. It was the start of an adventure!


Producer Tom, the man on the phone, endowed each of the five HOT FLASHERS with their new stage names:

Drama Mama

Survivor Mama

Mystery Mama

Earth Mama

Sassy Mama

(Now Casting)
(Now Casting)

The five now begin a journey of song, dance, self-discovery, and absolute hilarity. As producer Tom tries to incite them to turn on each other for the sake of ratings, the women share their life stories through music, comedy, and dance.  

The result is an outrageous yet uplifting and spirited musical production with an inspiring message. The five women, from diverse backgrounds find a way to support each other and succeed in a way that only mature women could dream up.  -Audiences literally stood up and cheered!

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